One of our readers had an excellent question about HGOMM…

(HGOMM: the five elements of a marketing story, outlined here:

His question: Can you send an example of a short marketing story with these 5 components?

Yes, of course. An example…

There was a guy, Can. He was making the rounds, speaking at Rotary clubs, hoping to spread the word and generate some business. But he wasn’t getting the results he wanted — his audience seemed to be falling asleep whenever he would talk. So he called us. We helped him restructure his speech and work on his delivery techniques. They weren’t easy changes for him to make, they were a little bit out of his comfort zone. But it worked, and now when he speaks he gets the results he wants.

Hero: Can
Goal: Wants to use speaking to get more business.
Obstacle: People are falling asleep at his speeches.
Mentor: Us
Moral: If you want results you haven’t gotten before, you’ve got to do things you haven’t done before.

The first four, HGOM, are usually pretty easy to express. But that last M, the moral, is more difficult. Different audience members will see different morals, and sometimes it’s hard for the speaker to express the moral (as he sees it, at least) clearly. Here are a couple tips for getting over that:


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