Step One: You present to Matt on Zoom. Matt records it (don’t worry, everything we do in class is completely confidential).

Step Two: Matt takes the recording and makes a transcript.

Step Three: Matt takes the transcript and “upgrades” it (smooths transition between slides, enriches your vocabulary so it is more descriptive and “native speakery,” etc).

Step Four: Matt sends you the upgraded transcript, and you review it together (does the upgrade reflect your meaning correctly, is there any company jargon you would like to use instead of the vocabulary in the transcript, are there any words or phrases that are hard for you to pronounce, etc).

Step Five: You practice the presentation yourself, to make sure you are comfortable with the new transcript.

Step Six: You and Matt practice the presentation together again, to clear up any remaining pronunciation issues and to make sure you sound smooth and professional.


By the way: Note that nowhere in here are your slides themselves being redesigned. We might suggest some changes, and you might make some too, and slide design is something we do, but it is expensive work and is outside the scope of this package.