In another blog post, we mentioned that stories happen in the listeners’ heads. In presenting, do not underestimate the power of this dynamic. It is a special talent pretty unique to humans. It allows us to organize into groups of millions (nations), or even billions (religions).

Your job as a presenter is not necessarily to describe your idea, it’s to plant your idea into the heads of the audience members. It is to plant a seed in the heads of your audience, a seed that will grow into something larger than you alone could make it.

Your audience members, if they are humans, have a special power. Let that power work for you.

More on this dynamic (the revolutionary ability of humans to see and develop the ideas of other humans, even when those ideas are abstract) is in this great TED speech:

A key part of the speech:

“What enables us alone, of all the animals, to cooperate in such a way? The answer is our imagination. We can cooperate flexibly with countless numbers of strangers, because we alone, of all the animals on the planet, can create and believe fictions, fictional stories. And as long as everybody believes in the same fiction, everybody obeys and follows the same rules, the same norms, the same values.

“All other animals use their communication system only to describe reality. A chimpanzee may say, “Look! There’s a lion, let’s run away!” Or, “Look! There’s a banana tree over there! Let’s go and get bananas!” Humans, in contrast, use their language not merely to describe reality, but also to create new realities, fictional realities. A human can say, “Look, there is a god above the clouds! And if you don’t do what I tell you to do, when you die, God will punish you and send you to hell.” And if you all believe this story that I’ve invented, then you will follow the same norms and laws and values, and you can cooperate. This is something only humans can do.”


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