If you can’t explain it simply, you probably don’t understand it well enough.

Students come to me often and say, “I want to use more complicated sentences, like a native speaker.”


Expressing yourself well does not mean using complicated sentences.

Actually, it usually means the opposite. Expressing yourself well means understanding your idea so well that you can express it simply.

Steve Jobs spoke at a fifth grade level. That means a 12-year old could understand him.

Jack Welch said, “[People] worry that if they’re simple, people will think they’re simple-minded. In reality, of course, it’s just the reverse.”

Remember, your objective is not to impress your audience. It’s to get them to do something.


About Matt Krause

Matt began his professional life as an import buyer, and since 2006 has been teaching companies how to connect with their investors and clients better. His clients work in Istanbul, London, and Madrid for companies like Allianz, 3M, P&G, Citibank, and Reckitt Benckiser. He also walked across Turkey and wrote a book about it.