Something you should know about Cambly:

Some of our clients are “Cambly refugees” — people who tried Cambly, were unhappy with it, and have come to us to fix the mess that Cambly created. So we get a nice insight into what Cambly is good and not good for:

At Cambly…

  • you might or might not get the same teacher each week. Reservations are made each week, and if your teacher is good, he/she is probably in high demand, so you might not be able to reserve time with him/her.
  • the teachers’ pay is low, so good teachers don’t stay long. Even if you find a good teacher, and are able to reserve time with him/her, he/she is likely to leave Cambly soon.

If you want something cheap, and you just want to practice making small talk with a native speaker, and you don’t care who that person is, and you don’t care if you see that person again, Cambly is a good place to go.

However, if you want to work with the same teacher next month, and if you are a beginning student who wants to learn how to make a good sentence, or an advanced student who wants to prepare presentations for work, Cambly might not be the right place for you.