Grow your language and presentation skills

The increasing globalization of business means being able to present yourself well in English is a vital skill.

And after you get to a certain level, further professional growth depends largely on your ability to fluently and easily communicate with others.

You know those things already. After all, you wouldn't have gotten to where you are if you didn't.

But knowing them, and adjusting to them, are two different things, and sometimes a guide comes in handy, especially when you're playing on a new level.

We're here to help you with the words and presentation skills you’ll need to connect with the people you need.

After all, you know you have the merit, shouldn't others?

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Advanced Business English and Presentation Skills Training

Service includes:

  • Initial intake to test your skills and identify weak points.
  • Road map and time estimates, so you can keep track of your progress and know about when you'll be reaching your language and presentation goals.
  • Weekly 60-minute classes.
  • Regular feedback on your style and delivery, helping you to uncover ways to improve your performance.
  • Short daily speech prompts, individualized for you and your professional goals.
  • Twice-weekly reading comprehension and vocabulary-building exercises, tailored to you and your professional goals.
  • Priority assistance at Matt's weekly office hours.
  • Plus, during the week, call or email Matt 24/7 for proofreading a document, checking an email, prepping for a big meeting, etc (hint: this is a great opportunity to review and cleanup the company presentation you use when you visit your customers).

The course is perfect for corporate leaders who already speak English at an advanced level. If you are too advanced for most language schools, but not yet fluent, this class is for you. It is also completely online, so as long as you have a webcam and a microphone, you're good to go. And since the class times are flexible, it'll be easy to fit into your schedule.

The course is available in three formats: individual, closed groups (company-specific), or open groups (not company-specific).

One-call access to your coach

Your coach is always just a local call away. So whenever you have questions or need support, you can always reach out to get the help you need.
ONGOING MOTIVATION. Stay focused and consistent with your progress with regular encouragement.
BREAK THROUGH PLATEAUS. Whenever you get stuck, we are here to help you break through plateaus and continue making great progress.
ANSWERS TO YOUR QUESTIONS. Have a question about an email you're about to send? Need help organizing your presentation content? Just call for help.

Next step: Book a call

We both need to find out if we have good chemistry.

We also need to find out what you are trying to do, and make sure we can help you.


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